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Communication and Project Management
With a clear and shared vision of the outcome, our tailored systems work to evaluate, communicate and manage project opportunities and risk at all stages. Backed by extensive industry experience, our people will ensure project success.

Commercial Builder Brisbane

Project Management

Construction Services


Capability and Quality
Determined to deliver projects of unmatched quality, we are unrelenting in our efforts, standards and efficiency. Nothing provides greater satisfaction to our team than playing the pivotal role in delivery of a construction project.

Canniffe is a specialised commercial building and consultancy business that was incorporated when the team was inspired to provide bespoke construction services and exceptional project management and consultancy practices in the Brisbane construction industry.

The business model has been structured to provide an end-to-end service offering to clients that desire not only higher quality service, but also simplicity, underpinned by real industry knowledge of the construction lifecycle.

Canniffe offers to its clients a business platform that:

  • As a general contractor, delivers all manner of commercial building projects
  •  As a construction services consultancy, also specialises in Project Management

 Our business has a breadth of experience to be able to successfully deliver all commercial works, in both the public and private sectors.

 We aspire to excellence and efficiency in all of our dealings.